Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a lot of walking?

A: (Moderate) At the Michigan Theatre you sit in the theatre seats for the duration of the program. At the Old Prison (Armory Arts Village), there are places to sit for those who can’t stand in each area we visit. You walk through the halls to get from place to place, and the distance is moderate.

Q: Stairs:

A: At the Michigan Theatre, there are two restrooms on the first floor. For those who can walk up stairs, there are further restrooms one flight up, and those who can walk, often like to go up the stairs, for they can see more of the beautiful, old, historic theatre. At the Old Prison (Armory Arts Village), to go to the old solitary area there are 10 stairs with railings on both sides. For those who can’t handle going up and down stairs, there are places to sit in the hallway above the area, and a guide remains with those who can’t walk the stairs and tells the tales being told in solitary. For those who have time and can walk, you may request to go outside and walk within the old prison wall and guard towers on the sidewalk path known as The Grand River Arts Walk.

 Q: Is it handicapped accessible?

A: All venues visited are handicapped accessible.

Q: Do you supply wheel chairs?

A: No

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress casually with comfortable shoes.

Q: Are Photos Permitted?

A: Yes, at all venues

Q: How long does the tour last?

A: The “First Degree” tour takes 4-5 hours. We are flexible and can work within your time frame.

The “Second Degree” tour takes from 90-minutes to 2 hours.

Q: Is lunch included in the tour? Do you cater to special dietary needs?

A:  Yes, lunch is included and gluten-free, vegetarian and diabetic needs are catered to.

Q: What ages are recommended for the tour?

A: Suggested 10 and up

Q: Where do we park?

A: For Tour Buses there is public parking and no fee. For individuals there is free parking in the lot next to ART 634 where you gather for the tour. A Jackson Public School Bus drives you to and from the Michigan Theatre.

Q: How much does the tour cost?

A: Call 517-817-8960 for rates.

Q: Is there a Gift Shop and are credit cards accepted?

A: Yes; cash, checks & credit cards are accepted. (Tours paid for with credit cards have a service fee.)